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Fly fishing the Rivers of New Hampshire

New Hampshire is blessed with a number of rivers worthy of the designation "trophy waters." From the upper and Lower Androscoggin and the Connecticut Rivers in northern New Hampshire, to the Ellis and Saco rivers in east-central NH to the Pemigewasset and Merrimack rivers running through the center of the state, you can find great rivers with excellent hatches. Many are open all year, while others close during the Fall for spawning or the winter to give fish a rest. (Check local rule books for particular local regulations and open seasons.) As you look at the pictures of our clients on these rivers, you will notice two obvious things: 1. these are beautiful rivers and 2. the clients are clearly having the time of their life! Enjoy!

YouTube Channel with videos of many rivers

Androscoggin River, Upper section in Errol

Best known for the "Alder Fly Hatch" in late June to early July, this river is best fished from mid-May to early July and in September and October when the water cools. It originates at the outlet of Lake Umbagog. There are plenty of deep spots to provide refuge and rapids to oxygenate the water, so fish hold over and there is evidence of some natural reproduction producing wild fish. It is a large river and fishes well from a drift boat, in addition to some great wading spots. This is one of our favorite and most productive rivers. The Fly Fishing  Only section is right across the road from our lodge.  See some pictures and videos here.  We have put together a special all-inclusive package for June and September contact us for more information. 

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When fishing the Upper Androscoggin one of the best places to stay is the Errol Motel. It was recently renovated, nicely decorated, clean and reasonably priced. Tell Kris and Mark we sent you!

Androscoggin River, Lower section in Gorham and Shelburne

This stretch of river is protected by catch and release regulations. Decades of pollution from paper mills in Berlin have rendered the fish inedible.  Since the Clean Water Act put the stop to polluting our rivers the fishing has been great. Make no mistake, this is a beautiful stretch of river and it has done a good job of healing itself. Whether wadinig or fishing from a drift boat or canoe, this section offers the possibility of large fish for the skilled and patient fly angler.

Ellis and Saco Rivers, Jackson to North Conway

The Ellis river is great for pools and pocket water. Caddis, stoneflies and streamers are all effective, depending on the tiime of year. Anglers on the Saco River need to contend with the "rubber hatch' during the summer months as tubers and kayakers swarm the waters during July and August. Better to fish early or late anyway in the summer. Both rivers are well-stocked and can provide fast action. <Ellis and Saco River fishing reports>

Contoocook River

The Contoocook River is one of the prettiest rivers in southern New Hampshire.  The special regulations area in West Henniker, NH is particularly nice.  In early spring it is a favorite of white-water kayakers. Most years by mid-May the fishermen take over.  There are some good caddis and mayfly hatches and almost any evening from June through September, you will find hatching insects on one or more pools.  Bring a wading staff and be careful wading the Contoocook, since the granite boulders are slick with algae and you might step over a boulder into a deep hole if you aren't careful. The Contoocook is one of the few NH Rivers with an extended season. The season closes November 30 and as long as the weather is good the insects hatch and the fish will feed. <Fishing reports> <client pictures1> <client flash>

You can't go wrong by booking a room at the Henniker House on the banks of the Contoocook River. Beautiful rooms, beautiful view, great inn keepers and the river is right out back!

Pemigewasset River

The Pemigewasset River starts in the White Mountains; flows through the center of New Hampshire; meets with the Winnepesauke River in Franklin forming the Merrimack River; and continues through New Hampshire to Massachusetts, where it flows into the Atlantic ocean at Newburyport.  Good fishing for trout and smallmouth bass can be found somewhere on this river just about all year.  We like to fish for trout in the area around North Woodstock, where the river gathers enough water from tributaries to provide cover and food for trout to survive and grow throughout the year. <pictures> Run-off from the White Mountains assures a good flow of cool water through the summer. Drift boat trips for trout and salmon are great fun!  <Fishing reports>  <video>

Sugar River

The Sugar River is another south/central NH river worth exploring. A major source of the Sugar River is the outflow from Lake Snapee, a deep, cold lake that holds salmon, trout, smallmouth and lake trout. Other tributaries assure a steady flow of water that enable fish to survive the summer heat and winter cold. The fly fishing only section in Newport is particularly beautiful. For almost three miles an abandoned railroad "rail trail" parallels the river. No buildings, houses or other signs of civilization can be seen throughout the FFO section. Good hatches of caddis and mayflies are present from early spring until late fall. And this river is one of the most abundant producers of stone flies in the entire state. It is not unusual to see streamside boulders festooned with stonefly nymphal shucks through late spring and summer. Be sure to bring plenty of Stimulaors, along with your favorite hatch-matching artificials. <Fishing reports> <client pictures-1> <clients-2>







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