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Gerry's Fly Fishing Tips

Every year I train almost 100 people how to fly fish.  About three-quarters of those are students in the Northeast Fly Fishing School and the rest are clients that want a private lesson on the water.  Each of these clients/students represents a learning opportunity . . . for me.  I learn a lot from the questions they ask, which give me a different perspective than my decades of fly fishing experience. Things that I take for granted get expanded in value when I see how they benefit others.  A lot of times a particular fishing situation requires use of a technique that I have learned or developed over the years.  Some of these techniques have worked their way into my repetoire and get taught to many of my clients.  It has become apparent to me that some of these tricks of the trade are not widely utilized by beginner and intermediate level fly fishers, but should be.

What they don't teach you in Fly Fishing School

I have started collecting these tips and recording them.  I present them here in the form of audio podcasts that can be downloaded and used to expand your fly fishing knowledge.  If you already know these tips - great!  If not, listen and try them for yourself, as you need them.  Your questions, comments and general feedback are appreciated.  Also, if there are other fly fishing-related things that have been stumping you, I would like to hear those, too.  I'll be adding and modifying these tips as time goes by.  Enjoy!

Caddis and stonefly dries <Listen

Streamers and line management <Listen>

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