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Androscoggin River Trip 2009 a Big Hit!

In spite of the rain in southern New England, the weather was actually pretty good for most of our two weeks fishing the Androscoggin River in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire.  Everybody who came to visit said they were worried about the rain, but the rain started to dissipate at the White Mountains and by the time they got to Errol, the pavement was dry and the fish were biting. Almost the entire trip we were fishing dry flies, since the Alder flies, hexagenia and large golden stone flies were hatching. Here are a few pictures, videos and flash from the trip.

Berte family <Flash>

Brett <Flash>  <Video>

Rich and Rich <Flash>

Joe and John <Flash>

Mark and Ryan <Flash>

Barrie and Lawrence <Flash>

Here is a Flash album of the Dead Diamond River, which is an incredibly beautiful remote, wild trout river where we took our clients on this trip.