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Piscataquog Delayed Harvest Zone in New Boston

One of fishery management programs gaining in popularity in New Hampshire is the Delayed Harvest Zone. From January 1 to June 15 it is single hook artificial lures only, release all fish immediately. For the rest of the year the regulation reverts to general law, five fish daily limit. The Piscataquog River in New Boston is a very popular river, especially due to the implementation of the DHZ. It is easily wadable, has a good mixture of pools, runs and pocket water and pretty decent insect activity.


The beauty of this bridge can only be fully appreciated from the pool beneath.

DHZ extends from 300 feet above the bridge down to the Route 13 bridge in New Boston..

Tail-out of the bridge pool is a good spot.

This run between two major pools yields plenty of action.

About a half mile below the bridge, a nice pool is chock-full of brookies.

Boulder-strewn pocket water provides good cover for rainbows and brookies.

A quick snap-shot and then back to the water for this spunky brookie.

Stalking a rising rainbow - see it in the next frame.

The first fish of the season on a dry fly. Nice job, Jim!